Thursday, May 1, 2008

Unless we get a little bit crazy

Bipolar disorder is an illness bipolar illness of severe mood swings. It is also called manic depression.

People around me notice my mood swings, and jokingly refer to me as bipolar. I am currently working with a licensed professional and am awaiting his findings.

The high moods are called acute mania

For the last month, I have been taking control of my thoughts in a really powerful way. I have been able to prolong my positive moods and shorten my negative moods.

At first it was difficult, but I was able to train myself into positive thinking habits. When something would go wrong I would say, "That's fine." And I would just let it go.

It works sometimes, but not all the time. There was about 5 minutes today that I wanted to jump out of the window, but I'm fine.

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